Our range of shutters are custom made to suit any home or office and are crafted from timbers, PVC, Polymer (otherwise known as Thermalite) and aluminium, and are available in a range of white paints, stains, and custom colours.

Plantation shutters can be custom made to fit a variety of uniquely shaped windows, including octogonal, arched, or angled, and offer different tilt options to suit your home and needs.

Aluminium Shutters

Much like plantation shutters, aluminium shutters are customarily an external product, however they can be fitted internally or in place of a whole window or door. Aluminium shutters offer effective control of light, privacy, noise pollution, and weatherproofing the internal/external of your home or office. Aluminium shutters have optional fixed or adjustable blades with a wide variety of modern and powdercoated colours available to suit.


Plantation Shutters

Both practical and stylish, plantation shutters are a great way to add elegance and value to your home. Traditionally made out of timber, modern plantation shutters are also available in Polymer, Aluminium and PVC, and can be custom made to fit any size or shaped window or door.

Plantation shutters allow for maximum control of how light and airflow enters a room, making them ideal for natural climate control. Due to the dynamics of the blades, they also act as a sound barrier to minimalise noise pollution. The modern materials are Hypoallergenic, Fire rated, UV and fade resistant, and waterproof. They can be fitted with optional flyscreens, and offer a variety of opening mechanisms including motorisation.


Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are a popular addition to both home and office for their versatility and wide benefits. Designed to roll snugly over windows and openings, roller shutters are durable and sturdy, making them an excellent insulator and security deterrent, making them easily one of the best home security options available. Due to their design, in addition to security, roller shutters offer the same protection from weather, sun and heat, and noise pollution. Our product range offers Queensland cyclone rated roller shutters as well as roller shutters suitable for garage doors.

​Made from quality aluminium, roller shutters can be manually or mechanically operated, and are available in a variety of stylish colours.

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