With a large selection of beautiful fabrics and styles to choose from, all our curtains are made to measure and can be customized to suit any interior. Our range includes sheers, light filtering, and blockout fabrics, with hypo-allergenic materials also available.

Depending on your design needs and the right choice for you, we offer a range of classic and modern styles to suit.

Eyelet & Tab-Top Heading Curtains

Eyelet and tab-top curtains are ‘hookless’ options for window furnishing, perfect for already existing curtain rods. Suited for light to medium weight fabrics, eyelet and tab-top curtains are informal and inviting, and easy to maintain.

Blockout Curtains

Blockout curtains are, as the name implies, designed to block out light with heavy backing that light cannot penetrate. The particular benefits of blockout curtains, along with the ability to create darkness at any time of day, are increased climate and temperate control, in addition to providing some noise insulation. Useful and stylish, blockout curtains enjoy an extensive fabric range that will suit any interior with the option of being on a second track or simply detachable from the main, front drape.

Pleated Heading Curtains

Pleated curtains are a classic and popular option for window coverings. They are available in a variety of styles, such as Box (better known as Inverted Pleat), Single, Double or Triple Pinch Pleats, and the more traditional tape gathered Pencil Pleat, in addition to optimal versatility in custom design and fabrics.

Sheer & Light-Filtering Curtains

Sheer curtains offer a delicacy and softness that is suitable for almost every room. Often used in conjunction to primary curtains, blinds or plantation shutters, sheers are complimentary to heavier or light-blocking coverings, allowing light to filter in while still maintaining a measure of privacy or used simply on their own.

Wave Fold Heading Curtains

Wave Fold (or S-Fold) curtains, a more modern style of curtain that is favoured by architects and designers for their appearance of long clean lines and elegant soft folds. Available using a wide range of fabrics, these curtains can be made from sheer fabrics, to heavier weaves.

Valances & Pelmets

Pelmets (also referred to as a ‘cornice board’) are a decorative framework placed above a window for either aesthetics and finishing touches or to assist with light control at the top of the drapes. Typically flat and box-like in shape, but able to be shaped with decorative detail, our padded designer pelmets are a fantastic design element for concealing multiple curtain rods and to help insulate the window by preventing convection currents.

For a softer appearance, valances are constructed with gathered or pleated fabric as a heading. Versatile in style, and available in fabrics to match, valances are used as a decorative fringe over any window dressing or as simple window toppers.

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